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By Iain Sherwood, May 11 2017 09:01AM

Printing machine dedicated to 3D printing images on foam lattes. To create the designs the machine dispenses a powder that consists of ground up coffee beans, which means it won’t change the flavour of your drink.

The on-line dating agency, Match opened a pop-up coffee shop where it was 3D printing the face of singles on the foam of your latte.

Match called the event “expresso yourself”

By Iain Sherwood, Aug 15 2016 11:28AM

He starts his advert on with:

“Words cannot express how much I hate this printer. It never works when I need it to - it's like it knows when I have to urgently print something. It randomly decides if it wants to work wirelessly or not. And scanning wirelessly? Forget about it!”

He goes on to say:

“So here's the deal you must come and collect it. If you twist my arm I might mail you the ink cartridges but only if the price is right.

Also if you, like me, think that Hewlett Packard makes the worst printers in the history of technology then I will SMASH this piece of sub-standard feculence into a million pieces on your behalf and send you a tiny bit of it for your collection. I will also post a video of the smashing to YouTube so you and all your friends can enjoy watching it get what's coming to it.

However, if you want to come and get it that's fine as well I guess - but be warned with this printer also comes its terrible curse.”

The advert clearly worked, as the printer has now been sold.

By Iain Sherwood, Jul 6 2016 10:09AM

There’s about five pounds of salvageable copper inside your typical photocopier (mostly in the power supply and the motor’s copper windings). Copper, that can be mixed with zinc to create brass. Brass, that can be shaped out to make a trumpet. It’s the circle of life!

You Tube video of trumpet being made

By Iain Sherwood, Jun 28 2016 08:33AM

Thinking of buying a poodle? make sure you check it isn’t a ferret on steroids, like some that were sold in Argentina.

A couple of dog lovers thought they were getting toy poodles but found they had been sold drug-enhanced ferrets.

Tricked owners did not immediately notice they had not received what they ordered, with one man from Catamarca in Argentine only found out he had a ferret after taking his angry pooch to the vets.

Buying a photocopier should be much less challenging, but watch out for a Canon on Crack or a Crazy looking Konica.

By Iain Sherwood, Jun 22 2016 09:38AM

Keeping it on a musical theme, some of the best names given by users of photocopiers and printers have been:

M.C. Jammer

Print Charmin

Lionel Richie (stuck on you)

Bob Marley

Grandmaster Crash

And of course, The artist formally known as Prints

I you’ve got a name for yours, please let us know.

By Iain Sherwood, Jun 13 2016 01:24PM

Midsomer Murders is an unsafe place to live, and it’s fair to say life in the village isn’t getting any safer, with 12 locals strangled, 13 poisoned, 16 drowned – including one in a vat of soup! – four killed by bow and arrow attack, and six decapitated. Phew!

“There’s been a lot of very inventive ways of killing people off,” Neil Dudgeon, who plays DCI John Barnaby in the crime series says.

“I loved the one where a guy walks out of his castle and a gargoyle falls off and crushes his head. That was a favourite. Someone else was beaten to death with a photocopier I think.

By Iain Sherwood, Jun 9 2016 12:48PM

A worker trapped under a "huge amount" of cheese after metal shelving inside a food distribution warehouse collapsed has been freed.

A drone was used to look amongst the shelving for the missing worker. Sniffer dogs from Merseyside also assisted with the search.

His colleague Debbie Belcher said there had been "complete fear and dread" when it emerged he was trapped.

"I can't imagine what he's been going through," she said.

By Iain Sherwood, May 31 2016 11:56AM

You will need sound for this one....

Have you ever wondered what the IT geeks are up to in their office? Well it’s not always playing Doom or Call of duty, sometimes they are doing proper hard work, making printers and copiers sing.

YouTube link to Theme from Rocky played on a Dot matrix printer

At Solutions HQ Ltd we never have time for this ourselves!

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