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By Iain Sherwood, Jun 13 2016 01:24PM

Midsomer Murders is an unsafe place to live, and it’s fair to say life in the village isn’t getting any safer, with 12 locals strangled, 13 poisoned, 16 drowned – including one in a vat of soup! – four killed by bow and arrow attack, and six decapitated. Phew!

“There’s been a lot of very inventive ways of killing people off,” Neil Dudgeon, who plays DCI John Barnaby in the crime series says.

“I loved the one where a guy walks out of his castle and a gargoyle falls off and crushes his head. That was a favourite. Someone else was beaten to death with a photocopier I think.

By Iain Sherwood, Jun 9 2016 12:48PM

A worker trapped under a "huge amount" of cheese after metal shelving inside a food distribution warehouse collapsed has been freed.

A drone was used to look amongst the shelving for the missing worker. Sniffer dogs from Merseyside also assisted with the search.

His colleague Debbie Belcher said there had been "complete fear and dread" when it emerged he was trapped.

"I can't imagine what he's been going through," she said.

By Iain Sherwood, Apr 20 2016 10:17AM

On 8th February 2014 former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd ended his political career.

The Australian Financial Review quoted a report by Dr Carmel Harrington on “presenteeism”.

Which said, Rudd exhibited all the classic hallmarks of sleep deprivation, such as irritability, indecision and being quick to anger.

“You can spot them a mile away because they are the ones who kick the photocopier when it doesn’t work,” she says.

So there you have it.

Photocopier kickers have no place in a civilised society, send them home!

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