UK Photocopier sales, rental, repair and maintenance and service.

Solutions HQ Ltd

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We believe a company is only as good as the promises it keeps.

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  • National UK repair and service coverage 

  • UK based call centre

  • A one stop repair provider and point of contact 

  • Collaborative approach to repair and service 

  • Simple and transparent pricing

  • Truly independent and free advice

  • Servicing all major brands of copier

  • We take pride in our work 

  • Price promise quotes

With offices and a workshop in Letchworth Garden City, Nr Stevenage, Hertfordshire. and Exeter, Devon. We are ideally situated near the M1 and A1M and M5 to cover a large area of the UK. We also have highly qualified engineers based nationally


Our aim is to continue growth through outstanding service. We encourage customer feedback as an opportunity to increase our ability to tailor our services to suit your needs.

Covering the UK.

As a national repair service provider in the UK, Solutions HQ understands the importance of combining innovative solutions with a strong service ethic and outstanding quality. We provide nationwide Photocopier repair. Delivering a consistent and reliable experience for our customers. We are based in Letchworth Garden City and cover Hitchin Stevenage Hatfield Welwyn Luton and Bedford in fact most of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Essex and London.

Our Head office is situated in Exeter, Devon so we are ideally placed to offer our great photocopiers for sale in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Bristol and Bath and across to Swindon, Wiltshire.

We  can also offer our great copier maintenance and repair servicing across these regions as well as in Southampton and Bournemouth and Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Solutions HQ Ltd has developed a strong position in the field of photocopier repair and maintenance. Our attention to detail and strong focus on giving the best service has helped us to acquire a strong customer loyalty.


Managing office equipment can be a frustrating experience for anyone. Some suppliers have a habit of over complicating the information they supply their customers with. Regularly I find that the customer has not been given concise information regarding what they will be paying, and what they get for their money.

We are happy to offer our impartial advice on all printing and copying repairs free of charge.



Service contract.

How it works with us.


Our aim is to make everything about using your photocopier as easy and streamlined as possible, when you have your service contract with solutions HQ


If your copier starts behaving in an unusual manner or is displaying an error message, let us know straight away. We would rather you let us know as soon as a problem starts, than to ignore what could become more problematic in the future.


From time to time you will require toner for your copier. It's fine to contact us by phone or email. We also encourage you to let us know when you are starting to get low, so that way we can make sure you get your toner before it becomes a problem.


We may have your toner delivered directly to you or have one of our engineers drop it off.


We ask that you take a page count when you replace toner, so we can make sure that you copier is working as it should. It also helps us to plan ahead for your future needs.


We can supply photocopiers at competitive prices and sometimes on free rental, providing a service contract is taken out on the equipment.




If we have not visited you for a while, due to your copier running without faults. We may contact you to arrange a good time to visit in order to check the condition of the copier. Again this helps us to plan for the future and also gives us the opportunity to perform some preventative maintenance.


For high volume copiers we may sometimes contract to bill you monthly. But for most office users our billing is quarterly in arrears. This means that after the first three months of your contract, we will contact you and ask for a page count. Your bill will be worked out from the information you give us.


We are very aware that with some copiers getting a page count can be a tricky procedure. Also as this only needs doing every three months, people can forget how it's done. Please call us on these occasions and if possible we will talk you through it. And if we can't we will arrange an engineer visit to show you how it's done.


We expect that simple issues like paper jams are dealt with by the user. However we also understand that the inside of a photocopier can look very daunting, and that the person in the office who normally deals with the copier might be on holiday.

We will be happy to help you on the phone, or arrange an engineer visit if this happens on occasion.


All photocopiers come with a user guide or manual, but unfortunately these can get lost. We will always be happy to supply you with the user guide for your copier free of charge. Even if we did not supply the copier ourselves.


We see photocopier contract cover as a partnership with you, and aim to make sure that your copier is up and running whenever it's needed. We will always be with you as quickly as possible should problems arise.

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Solutions HQ Ltd Sell, rent and leese as well as repair, service and maintain most makes of photocopier in the UK. With national copier Sales and maintenance coverage we supply great service at a competitive price. Just call us when you need us. or ask about our simple service contracts.

Copier repair is one of those things most businesses don’t think about until they have a copier malfunction. When printing stops, productivity can sometimes be affected. We understand the impact this can have on your business.


At Solutions HQ Ltd we offer a complete suite of services designed to support all  your printing needs nationally. We repair and service most major manufacturers of photocopiers.


Great communication is key. When you talk to us we listen. With highly trained and knowledgeable engineers our aim is to understand your needs and provide a first class, effective service.

Affordable and reliable national photocopier repair, sales and maintenance service, covering the UK.