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We believe a company is only as good as the promises it keeps.

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structured printing support

for peace of mind, with no hidden charges guaranteed.


Based near Stevenage, we offer various levels of photocopier service contracts, giving you the opportunity to save money, by paying for the service cover you need, instead of what a service company wants to sell you.


Customers have told us they don’t like long term contracts, and prefer the flexibility of shorter arrangements, so we only ever offer twelve months cover at a time.


We provide first class service at a more competitive price, or match your existing service providers Real charges, whilst maintaining an exceptional standard of support.


With a dedicated service manager, you will have a single point of contact with someone who is aware of your business needs, expectations and the history of your photocopier.


Our contracts are simple, straightforward and contain no small print. You can be certain that you will get the service cover you expect and deserve.

tailored service to suit you


short term contract for flexibility


more cover for less money


your own dedicated service manager


no small print, guaranteed


"Our service contracts focus on a mutually beneficial relationship, and demonstrate my dedication to providing a flexible and reliable service that exceeds expectations."


"My background is in leisure and tourism, so I'm very focused on providing our customers with a positive experience when they talk to us."


"I help businesses to make print cost savings, by guaranteeing to undercut the real cost of their existing service provider, and by increasing the efficiency of photocopiers, which reduces paper and toner waste."


Iain Sherwood

Managing Director


Photocopier contract providers will usually charge you a fixed monthly fee, plus an additional fee for every page printed. A heavily used machine will require more consumables and maintenance than one that is not used as often.


There are lots of different price plans and lots of service providers out there, which can make it difficult in deciding what you need for your business. This is where we can make a difference.


Many companies will offer you prices over the phone. We never offer a service contract without visiting your office first, and we conduct a print audit and talk to you, to ascertain your needs and also inspect your photocopier, and this can very often lead to instant savings.


Expectation is the key to our success. If you expect a level of service from us, and we ever fall short then we have failed. That’s why we set service expectations from the start, and only ever make promises we can keep or surpass.


Please take a moment to look at what our customers are saying about our great service. We will also be happy to put you in touch with customers in a similar field to your own if you wish.



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Knowledge is power.

Being well informed about how some copier service companies make excessive profits, is essential to choosing the right supplier.




Many service suppliers use less than scrupulous tactics to make a photocopier service contracts cost far more than it should, here are just a few.


Photocopiers can be set to use less toner, this results in a slightly lower quality print for you, however the contract service provider can save hundreds of pounds by replenishing toner less often.



When photocopying, most photocopiers will automatically sense if the original is colour or black and white. Unfortunately most service providers will set there copier to default to a colour print, and this means if you photocopy a black and white document that has had a full stop added in blue biro, the copier will class any copies as colour and charge a higher rate. This can make a difference of perhaps 10p per page, hundreds of pounds per quarter.


Occasionally we get calls to repair a copier only to find that the problem is simple, and should have been dealt with by the operator, such as a standard paper jam or toner needs to be added. All service copier contract suppliers will charge the customer for this type call.


We rarely charge for these calls, as we understand that these things happen, people can have a bad day, or the person who usually deals with the copier is away.

We treat these occasions as an opportunity to give the copier a check-up, and to gain information on how the copier is behaving.

Another way that the service contract provider can save money, is by supplying copy or refilled toner rather than supplying the official manufacturers toner. This can also happen with replacement copier parts. We stipulate in all of our contracts clearly that we will not do this, unless originals are no longer available.

The aim of most suppliers is to sign the customer up to a contract, for as long as possible, three to five years would appear to be average, with seven years not being uncommon.

We only provide a one year contract, which gives you flexibility and freedom to change supplier, if we don't meet your expectations.

Most service contract suppliers make the majority of their income from selling new photocopiers. We believe this represents a conflict of interests, these suppliers can be far to quick to write off a photocopier, in the hope that they can sell you a new one, and make lots of money.


They will usually inform the customer that the existing copier is now too old to repair, as parts are no longer available.


This is occasionally true; however it is clear that repairing an older copier, is more expensive and troublesome to a service provider, so these decisions are usually made to benefit the supplier and not the customer.


Of course we can supply new and second user copiers, but it is not our core business, we make our money by keeping you happy, and keeping your copier printing. Ultimately this means we are both on the same side.


service contracts

London copier repair and maintenance

Less than 1p per print !!!

                                                                                           We dont charge for:


Phone support

Obtaining meter readings

Calls that should have been rectified by the user (unless very regular)

We dont set minimum usage

And we dont charge in advance